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Virginia Donado

Ricardo Migueláñez. Agricultural Engineer. @rmiguelanez

This week we're highlighting Virginia Donado, who has been CEO of Spanish group Restalia since 2013. Donado is from Madrid and has a degree in Marketing and Commercial Management from ESIC Business & Marketing School (1995-2000) and an MBA from IE Business School (2001-2002).

Her first job was with Grupo Zena, where she was responsible for growing the Cañas y Tapas franchise. In 2004 she joined Restalia, where she has been CEO since 2013.

She also has experience in real estate, and was a commercial advisor for Punto Inmobiliario (part of Grupo Parquesol) where, from June to December 2004 , she conducted market research and identified commercial locations for new group offices.

From May to August 2002 she was a team leader for Sales land S.L.,during which times he planned and coordinated the commercial team's projects and monitor edits results at ABC news paper in Madrid.

Her most note worthy professional achievements at Restalia include converting the group in to one of the top names in Spain, with more than 500 restaurants worldwide.

In terms of professional anecdotes, she is known for her controversial decision to replace Mahou San Miguel with Heineken Group beer, serving the latter's Amstel brand at restaurants, a decision which caused a division among customers.

While she's impossible to reach by phone, those that know her say she is extremely friendly and pleasant to work with.

She loves sports, especially volley ball, which she plays whenever she can.

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