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Ricardo Currás de Don Pablos

Ricardo Miguelañez. Agricultural Engineer. @rmiguelanez

Another person we had to include in this section is the CEO of DIA, Ricardo Currás.

Currás was born in Bad Homburg (Germany) in 1962, and has a degree in Math from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MBA from IE Business School. He lives with his wife and two children in Madrid, and he is passionate about movies and books.

Aside from working for a short period at Arthur Anderson, he has spent almost all of his career at DIA, which he joined in November 1986 as a management control analyst.

He began at DIA as the result of a proposal by Antonio Coto (currently the company's Executive Manager of Latin America and Partnerships), who considered Currás to be perfect for the job as he thought he had the right training to develop the methodology for the projects that Coto was implementing in the company at that time.

He became part of the Commercial Management Department, as Private Label Manager, in 1991, and he helmed the Retail Operations and Logistics Department in 1994. A few years passed, and his stellar career at DIA continued. He was appointed Business Manager and became a member of DIA International's Management Committee in 1997.

On April 15th, 2006, he was named Executive Director of DIA Spain, and on May 1st, 2009, he became Chairman of DIA and a member of Carrefour's Management Committee.

Following the Carrefour spin-off, he has been CEO of DIA since July 5th, 2011.

These are all details about his professional life; but who is the person behind this image of a strong, confident figure who presents annual results and speaks in public?

In addition to being a zealous traveler and having a strong desire to see the world, Currás is a person who strives to improve, a quality he views as fundamental for learning something new each day. This constant focus on personal growth is reflected in his qualities as a leader, as he endeavors to convey and maintain a spirit of constant self-criticism to, and among, his team.

Everyone who knows Ricardo Currás says he encourages emotional stability and group solidarity—fundamental values for the professional development of any employee, and also for business growth.

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