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5 DE octubre DE 2016

Juan Luís Durich

Ricardo Migueláñez. @rmiguelanez

In line with our goal of bringing you information about leaders in Spain's agri-food sector, this edition of Who's Who shines a light on Juan Luís Durich (Valencia, 1957), General Manager of Consum for the last 23 years.

He has a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Valencia and an MBA from IESE Business School, and he's spent his entire career in the commercial distribution industry.

He started out at Coaliment, and later joined Continente Alfafar (currently Carrefour) as head of the dry foods procurement department. In 1982 he jointed the cooperative Consum, where he has spent most of his career. After holding several posts such as Zone Manager and Sales Manager, he became General Manager in 1993.

Durich has led the Valencian cooperative's notable growth in recent years, increasing revenues and bringing to the fore the company's commitment to society, which highlights his focus on people. In the last decade, Consum has seen its revenues expand from 862 million euros in 2005 to over 2 billion euros in 2015. He's also extended the company's foothold to other Spanish regions, such as Catalonia, Aragón, Castile-La Mancha, Andalucía and Murcia.

Durich has promoted responsible growth with the environment, with the network of eco-efficient supermarkets which are responsible for the wellbeing of their employees (with the pioneering Work-Life Balance and Equality Plan, with more than 60 measures) and responsible vis-à-vis society at large through their Profit from Responsible Food Management program, which has resulted in 7 million euros in donations.

Married with two kids, his main passion is outdoor sports, like swimming and running, which he truly enjoys because they combine the freedom of the great outdoors with personal advancement. He also likes the opera and science fiction. One of his favorite books is 2001: A Space Odyssey, and he enjoys reading in general.

You could say that Juan Luís Durich is a "pure" executive as he has a complete and total understanding of the Spanish distribution sector. There were many who protested when the Valencian cooperative decided to split from Eroski, ten years ago. However, time has shown that it was the right decision, albeit controversial at the time, and Juan Luis was one of the main drivers.

Durich always says that Consum in “in a league of its own” within the Spanish supermarket sector. The cooperative's achievements are laudable, as it's going up against the big players in the sector, according to Durich (it's worth noting that Mercadona is also originally from Valencia, just like Consum).

"I believe in quality, in involving people, and in fighting for dignity. “Those are Juan Luís Durich's main objectives, his own particular roadmap.

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