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Adding value to spanish exports


José María Cervera Lucini

Ricardo Migueláñez. Agricultural Engineer. @rmiguelanez

José María Cervera Lucini, managing director of Makro Iberia, is the focus of our Who's Who profile this week. Cervera, who was born in Cádiz in December 1964, is married with two daughters. He has a law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MBA from IE Business School.

He joined Makro, Spain's leading wholesale retailer, 24 years ago, and after holding a range of leadership posts at the company's European subsidiaries, he became manging director of Makro Spain in 2009.

He most enjoys spending his free time with his wife and daughters, he says. Where? For Cervera, any place is a good vacation spot, as long as "time seems to stand still", he adds. Other passions include reading and movies. His favorite book is La Sensación de Fluidez, by Juan Carlos Cubeiro, and his favorite movie is The Sting, starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

About Makro

Behind every great company is a great leader, and although Cervera appreciates the little things in life, his focus is on buying in bulk. Makro is currently the leader in Spain in the cash & carry segment, with 37 stores in 15 regions.

During its more than 40-year history, since it opened its first store in Barajas, Madrid, Makro has developed a notable business model, focused always on meeting the needs of catering sector companies in Spain and creating wealth in the industry.

The executive committee of Grupo Metro, which owns Makro, decided to combine the Spanish and Portuguese subsidiaries under the same management in May 2012, with the result that they report to one head office, in Madrid. The company currently employs more than 3,400 people, and in recent years it has received noteworthy distinctions, such as "Top Employer" and "Best Workplace", which recognize the leading places to work in Spain.

The importance of innovation

Makro inaugurated its new store in Barajas on April 22nd,  replacing the first store the company opened in Spain in 1972. The locale, which is completely new, has a sales space spanning 9,560 square meters and cost 17 million euros. "This store will allow for a faster and more efficient shopping experience, as it is easier to navigate given the organization", said Cervera at the store opening.

On April 17th, Makro presented Alma Makro, a pioneering project in the Spanish retail segment through which the company aims to "support small, local producers without generating a profit", according to Cervera.

Additionally, and in view of the importance of innovation for Makro, the company moved its offices in Barajas to Paseo Imperial, also in Madrid, one year ago. The new offices are adapted to Makro's philosophy, as there are neither closed areas nor offices. According to Cervera, "The modern style and large, open spaces respond to the company's focus on openness, proximity to customers, innovation, and the ongoing desire to improve. The new space allows for a more fluid relationship between employees and a more dynamic and better work environment that will, in turn, have a positive impact on customers".

Cervera is a very warm person who is easy to work with and, in addition to his position as part of management, he has made notable strides in public relations for Makro in recent years, which has had an impact on the company's development and on its current corporate image.

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