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16 DE septiembre DE 2016

Jaime Rodríguez

Wikispanishfood editorial team

Born in Granollers (Barcelona) 73 years ago, Jaime Rodríguez Bertiz, Chairman and CEO of Euromadi Ibérica, is one of the main players in Spain's distribution sector. We'd even go so far as to say that the sector wouldn't be what it is today without him, as he's been working in distribution continuously for almost 50 years. He started out in the industry in 1967, when he was 24, and held various high-level posts in different companies.

Over the years, and after gaining notable experience in the sector, Rodríguez launched the purchasing center Sélex Ibérica, S.A. in 1983, becoming the CEO and General Director of the organization which, in just nine years, became a leader in the segment in Spain. That same year he started to reach out to other European distribution players and collaborate with Claus-Jürgen Kaiser, who he replaced in 2003 as Chairman of the International European Marketing Distribution's (EMD) Management Committee, which is based in Switzerland and is the largest European purchasing center for mass market products in Europe and a leader in the distribution segment.

Ten years prior, in 1993, Selex Ibérica merged with Centra and Spar, giving rise to Euromadi Ibérica S. A., and Rodríguez took on his role at the helm of the company. Two years later, in 1995, the company absorbed a group of associates from Vima, and three years leader, in 1998, it added Draper, helping Euromadi maintain its leading position.

Jaime Rodríguez has achieved many milestones as the leading executive of the company, which is headquartered in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). Most recently, in mid-February, it added two partners, Alcampo and Simply, bringing its total revenues to over 18 billion euros.

During his five decades in the distribution industry, Rodríguez has been an active participant in the major revolution the sector has experienced in Spain. He has always been a strong defender of the role played by purchasing centers in Spain which, he emphasizes, have become "service centers" over time.

In his business action manual, there's one commandment that stands out above the rest: the addition of volume and work together will provide a greater result than the simple addition of individual efforts. And to that end, Jaime Rodríguez is always willing to sign collaboration agreements.

This way of thinking gave rise to the agreement with Alcampo and Simply, as well as to a collaboration with The Product of the Year so that Euromadi associates favor the weighted distribution of innovative products on their shelves.

Rodríguez is married, and is passionate about music and reading. One of his favorite books is The Time In Between (El Tiempo Entre Costuras), by María Dueñas. And he always says that he enjoys himself the most when taking a vacation with his family.

And that's Jaime Rodríguez, the man who has been working in distribution for half a century. In addition to being Chairman of Euromadi Ibérica, he's also Deputy Vice-Chairman of the Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-Service Facilities and Supermarkets (ASEDAS) since it was created in 1999, he's a member of the Executive Board of the Spanish Commercial Coding Association (AECOC), Chairman of the Catalan Council of Food Distribution Companies (CEDAC) since 1995, Chairman of the EMD's Board of Directors, member of the Board of Directors of ECOEMBES and a committee member for the Alimentaria fair.

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