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Isabel García Tejerina

Ricardo Migueláñez. Agricultural Engineer. @rmiguelanez

Our up-close look at noteworthy names in the agri-food sector begins with the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, and over the coming weeks we'll discover not only the professional experience of countless sector executives, but also some personal tidbits about them as they're described by close friends and acquaintances.

Isabel García Tejerina (Valladolid, October 9th,  1968) is unmarried, and graduated in agricultural engineering from the Technical University of Madrid and in law from the University of Valladolid. She also has Master's degrees in European Communities from the Technical University of Madrid, and Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis (US).

She has been with the Ministry of Agriculture since Loyola de Palacio was in office, and was formerly Secretary General for Agriculture; today she is Minister. In the private sector, she was head of strategic planning for the company Fertiberia from 2004 to 2012, during which time she was also a director of Algerian fertilizer company Fertial S.P.A.

Those who know her well say she's tireless, which is a necessary trait for working at the Ministry she heads, as monthly trips to Brussels and the national agenda require unwavering dedication.

She's also the prototypical Spanish woman: intense, austere and serious, attributes which are also reflected in her public image and the Ministry's budgets.

She's the most athletic minister in Mariano Rajoy's government. She plays tennis, professional duties permitting, and also skis. García has always traveled around Madrid on her Vespa, except when working at the Ministry, during which time she travels by official car for security reasons.

She also likes to run and has participated in many races, including the most recent San Silvestre in Valladolid.


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