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25 DE octubre DE 2016

Félix Moracho Fuertes

Ricardo Migueláñez. @rmiguelanez

This week we're highlighting Félix Moracho Fuertes, Founding Partner of Huercasa and Chairman of Vitartis. Born in Tudela (Navarre) on August 4th, 1954, but a resident of Segovia for 35 years, he has very important personal and professional relationships in Castile-León. Those who know me know that I'm very true to my roots, but in this case it's more than that. In this edition we're highlighting a person who has been a pioneer in Spain and, as a result, today his company is a leader in Spain and Europe in the production of sweet corn, endives, peas and other vegetable products.

Moracho is an agricultural engineer, a specialist in agricultural economics and a fruit and vegetable industry professional. He has completed several graduate courses, among them PADE (IESE 2009) and ADECA (SAN TELMO 2014), which provided him with business experience while also enabling him to raise the profile of Huercasa over the years among leading executives in Spain.

He's the founding partner of several agro-industrial companies, among them Huercasa, which reported revenues of over 30 million euros and a workforce of more than 200 people in the Segovian town of Sanchonuño. This is a social enterprise. Of total revenues, business with Europe accounts for 80%.

In addition to that post, he's also Chairman of Vitartis, an agri-food industry association in Castile-León. This is a project into which he's pouring his heart and soul and for which he hopes that sector companies in the region are considered and supported by the institutions, as they deserve to be, because they are of economic and social importance.

As if that weren't enough, Félix Moracho, is Vice-Chairman of Cajaviva (Caja Rural de Segovia) and a Director of Iberaval, the Spanish financial organization responsible for granting technical and financial guarantees. He's a firm believer in community involvement, which is why he's involved in these types of projects, which fight to obtain benefits for everyone in the industry; this isn't very common in Spain today.

Moracho's track record has always been based on his dedication to his work. His drive to bring his projects to fruition and, most of all, to meet the particular needs of his company and the general needs of the economic sector.

Unsurprisingly, he has received many regional and provincial business awards in Castile-León and Segovia, granted by the regional government and various professional and business associations.

Above all, it's worth noting that Félix Moracho is a person who likes to do things right, a philosophy which is reflected in his track record at the companies he has founded and the organizations in which he participates.

He has an immense passion for the agricultural world and everything associated with it. For that reason, last year he launched the Huercasa Country Festival", which has become a meeting point for North American country music. The company aims to highlight the importance of the country lifestyle and its associated aesthetic and music, which are part of its identity.

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