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Adding value to spanish exports



Wiki Spanish Food is a digital magazine created and promoted by a team of agri-food and consumption experts. The objective is to unify, and enhance the proximity of, agri-food chain interests for the benefit of all parties.

Wiki Spanish Food is published by Agrifood Comunicación, an agency specialized in the agri-food sector and comprising technical professionals and journalists with a clear commitment to informing, and providing information about, the agri-food chain.

We must work together to achieve a balanced food chain so as to ensure a robust, competitive sector in Spain and abroad.

Wiki Spanish Food is not responsible for the opinions published on the web.

For more information: Agrifood Comunicación. Tel. 91 222 80 07 - E-mail.

Wikispanishfood does not take responsibility or necessarily identify with the opinions expressed by its collaborators, limiting itself to becoming a transmitting channel of the same