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Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

ElPozo Alimentación is a leader in the processed meat product market. The company, which is committed to consumers in its day-to-day, was founded in 1934 and its main strength is end-to-end process control, which enables it to create products that meet consumer demands.

Its website,, contains comprehensive information and is easy to use, while also informing consumers about all of the characteristics and details about the company and its extensive catalogue, with close to 500 products.

The web features recipes using ElPozo products, enabling consumers to prepare countless dishes, for both everyday dining and special occasions.

The company's site also contains advertising spots and campaigns, converting every visit into a unique experience.

ElPozo has a social media presence, which it has integrated into its website, creating various direct accesses and offering users the possibility of subscribing to its newsletter and keeping abreast of its latest projects. The News channel is especially noteworthy, as it allows users to learn about the company's latest endeavors and includes photos and other resources of interest.

In short, ElPozo is able to convey its philosophy and corporate image through its modern, up-to-date website, aligning perfectly with its products, which are improved and upgraded constantly to meet the demands of its most discerning consumers.

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