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Coinciding with Mediterranean diet week, we're highlighting the Mediterranean Diet Foundation’s new website,, which is fully focused on promoting and preserving one of our cultural treasures, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage and considered by the WHO to be one of the healthiest dietary patterns in the world.

The attractive website is based primarily on photos, which perfectly complement the articles and provide visitors with a pleasant user experience. The photos take pride of place, while the articles are generally short and simple. The main articles for each section of the website are visible on the homepage.

The site has a section on the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, with basic information about the organization and its components.

In the Mediterranean diet section, more in-depth information is available about the diet and the Mediterranean lifestyle. The website features the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, which can be downloaded and is available in ten languages, and the Mediterranean Diet Decalogue, with advice for making this healthy lifestyle a part of our everyday lives.

The site includes a blog, which is updated regularly with posts about seasonal foods and recipes for using those products, as well as information about the benefits of this style of eating on our health.

The recipe section includes a search function so users can find those recipes that best adapt to their tastes. Additionally, it includes complete and simple weekly menus for enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle. The site also offers the chance to sign up for its weekly newsletter, which is sent out every Monday, with information about seasonal foods, recipes, and a weekly menu.

There is also a Projects section, where users can find information about other actions related to this lifestyle, such as Mediterranean Diet Week, which Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (MAGRAMA) organized from September 21st to the 26th, and the Mediterranean Diet Inventory, a project promoted by MAGRAMA and the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, comprising information about landscapes, trades and activities linked to this cultural treasure.

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