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Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

This week we're highlighting, which the public voted as the Best Agri-food Sector Website as part of a contest on DAFSA was founded in 2006 in Puzol, Valencia, and produces juices, nectars, horchata (tiger milk), gazpacho, creams and broths for Mercadona supermarkets.

The company's homepage features an attractive selection of photos in the header which indicate to visitors the most important topics for the company, such as product quality and safety, production chain sustainability, and its certification as an Innovative Business by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Scrolling down, we see the types of products produced by DAFSA. If we click on each of them, we find more detailed data about available products and formats as well as complete nutritional information.

DAFSA also includes a section on the homepage on health, right below its products, and also features recipes in the health tab at the top. That drop-down menu includes a section called "Did you know...", which clears up doubts about juices and nectars; recipes which show readers how to best use DAFSA products; and information about food intolerances.

Below that is current news relating to the company, as well as DAFSA's appearances in the media and information on the location of its facilities.

The website is very visually appealing and organized in a way that is simple and clearly structured, with a great deal of information on its products and the quality of its production.

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