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Adding value to spanish exports


Torrent, passion for olives, a leader in table olive packaging and sales, is implementing an interesting online marketing strategy via its website and social media with a view to positioning itself as one of the top companies in the industry.

Aceitunas Torrent, founded in 1898, marinates, packages and sells table olives: whole green and black, pitted, sliced and stuffed, available in various formats in cans and jars. Since inception, the company has used Córdoba-grown Hojiblanca olives, currently the leading variety in terms of kilograms of table olives produced and exported out of all varieties for sale. Aceitunas Torrent is known, among other reasons, for its black olives, the company's flagship product.

The business, which has been helmed by various generations over the years, has evolved in several areas: production, innovation, management, image and marketing. As a result, it's a sector leader in terms of its global reach: its products are available in more than 76 countries.

Aceitunas Torrent rolled out an ambitious online strategy in 2013, using its new website and social media to position itself as a pioneer in the agri-food sector.

The company was a finalist in the 2013 Alas Award for Internationalization, arranged by Extenda and the Andalusian government. It was also distinguished at the 2014 Family-Business Awards, an annual event organized by San Telmo International Institute's BBVA Family-Owned Business Chair. Aceitunas Torrent also received the Córdoba Award for Equality from Córdoba's provincial government in recognition of its equality and human resources policy.

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