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Adding value to spanish exports


16 DE septiembre DE 2018

The Spanish wild game meat promotional plan

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

The Interprofessional Association of Wild Game Meat (ASICCAZA) has launched an ambitious promotional plan with the support of the European Union to raise awareness about, and promote, consumption of wild game meat as a quality and in-demand product.

For three years, and under the slogan "Europe's Wild Game Meat, Pure Nature," ASICCAZA will raise awareness about what sets Spanish game meat apart in Spain and France with a view to positioning it as a natural product that helps stabilize rural areas and is essential for preserving nature.

One of the objectives of this program is to raise awareness about this type of meat among Spanish consumers, informing people about its quality, safety and high production standards. In Europe, the goal is to leverage them vis-à-vis professionals and boost sales.

A natural, unique meat

Wild game meat has unique characteristics, as it is 100% natural, authentic and delicious. The meat comes from free-range animals that eat a wild and varied diet with no intervention from humans; this provides it with a unique flavor.

It has enormous culinary potential, and there are many prestigious chefs, both in Spain and abroad, who use these meat in many different recipes, from traditional to more cutting-edge creations.

It's no surprise that nature has always known how to preserve these gastronomic treasures, which include a wide range of animals, including roe deer and fallow dear, boar, partridge and rabbit, as well as hare, quail, pigeon, pheasant, and Eurasian woodcock.

The nutritional composition of wild game meat varies, depending on the species and the food it eats.  Broadly speaking, it has less fat and, therefore, contains slightly more proteins with high biological value.

Objective: reaching consumers

One of the challenges of the EU program is to distinguish these meats from those from rival countries such as New Zealand, the US and Canada.  

The meat is 100% wild and is subjected to strict quality and food safety controls as it is processed at the best cutting plants and uses the most advanced and innovative industrial processes. As a result, consumers are guaranteed exquisite flavor and the extraordinary nutritional properties these meats have to offer.  

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