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21 DE septiembre DE 2016

Kiwi Atlántico launches "Fábrica 4.0"

Wikispanishfood editorial team

Kiwi Atlántico, which sells the leading kiwi in Spain, has rolled out its Fábrica 4.0 project as part of its commitment to innovation. This is an initiative which includes the design and construction of a system which measures the internal quality of the fruit, depending on its maturity. The machine will standardize the kiwi in batches based on Brix (sugar) levels, hardness, firmness and dry matter.

This innovative project will ensure that the fruit that reaches consumers is uniform, i.e. they can take it home and eat it when they want without having to check which ones are more or less ripe.

Kiwi Atlántico has already taken the first steps, working together with the AINIA Technology Center to apply its expertise regarding spectral fingerprinting of different types of foods and agricultural products.

This system will position Kiwi Atlántico's kiwi at the forefront of the international market and drive notable progress in the sector. It will also increase the brand's prestige, and the company expects an increase in production due to the greater demand that will likely result for this premium quality product. This will be beneficial for transportation: since the company will know how long the fruit will last, it will be able to select the most appropriate ones to ensure that they reach their final destination in perfect condition.

Once again, Kiwi Atlántico will be at the international trade fair Fruit Attraction, and it invites everyone interested in this innovative system to visit it at its stand (in the space designated for the 5 A Day Association) to obtain more information.

2016 Galicia Food Award

In June, Kiwi Atlántico represented by its Chairman, José Pérez Expósito, received the 2016 Galicia Food Award in the Best Company Track Record category, from the President of the Galician Regional Government, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The award was presented as part of the Galicia Food Forum, organized by the Galicia Food Cluster (Clusaga).

The company's management said that it was "extremely proud" to have received the distinction. "When we began working with this product, 28 years ago, nobody knew about it. It was difficult to know how far we would go. Today we are the largest seller of Spanish kiwis, and it's very satisfying for our track record to be recognized," they said.

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