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25 DE mayo DE 2018

Únicla, a unique milk

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Únicla, a unique milk! This is a line from Feiraco's new campaign for its premium line of milk, which highlights the ways in which Únicla is different. A traditional flavor, extraordinary nutritional properties and a strong commitment to the environment and animal welfare are what make this line of 100% Galician milk stand out.

Únicla is synonymous with innovation, the result of research aimed at improving the nutritional profile of milk based on cattle feed. Using 100% natural feed, supplemented with flaxseed, enables this Galician stockbreeding cooperative to obtain very high quality milk with extraordinary nutritional qualities: it has less saturated fat, a natural presence of Omega 3 and CLA, and is a natural source of selenium.

Optimized nutrition for cows is also the secret behind its unique flavor, which has made Únicla, in its multiple varieties, deserving of top marks at the recent edition of the Superior Taste Awards, organized by the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQi). It is the leading organization that tastes and promotes foods with superior taste and which has a panel of judges comprising more than 125 renowned chefs and sommeliers from 15 of Europe's most prestigious culinary institutions.

Quality and animal welfare

Another aspect that sets this line of premium milks apart is the commitment to quality, from start to finish, from the farm to the table. Únicla milk comes from the first farms certified by AENOR (ISO 22000) in Europe, guaranteeing food safety schemes at origin.

This commitment also affects the animals' wellbeing, since the farms that produce Únicla have also been pioneers in Galicia in obtaining AENOR certification in the Animal Welfare category. This certificate guarantees that animal welfare is an essential part of the social corporate responsibility policy and recognizes its positive impact on product quality.

The AENOR Conform in Animal Welfare certificate is based on the European Welfare Quality standard, which aims to reconcile social concern and market demand for the development of reliable systems to monitor farms, provide product information and improve animal welfare based on four principles: good housing, good feeding, good health and appropriate behavior.

Commitment to the environment

Environmental sustainability is another pillar of the brand. Únicla is the first and only milk in Spain to obtain the full AENOR Environment certification in environmental protection, reducing its carbon footprint by 20%. Certification refers to the complete analysis of Únicla milk's production life cycle, a rare example looking at the process from start to finish.

Moreover, Únicla milk uses Pure-Pak Sense Aseptic sustainable packaging, the only one with Carbon Neutral certification, reducing CO2 emissions to zero during production. This highly innovative packaging is made with materials from sustainable sources while also improving usability with a more ergonomic format that favors pouring, avoids dripping and includes a folding mechanism that makes it easy to recycle.

The milk product line

The quality and flavor of Únicla is available in a wide range, catering to different tastes. In addition to its classic whole, skim and fat-free milks, it also offers lactose-free skim and fat-free options and new, fresh, pasteurized milks such as whole, skim and lactose-free skim milks. The latter provides consumers with a totally fresh option.

About CLUN

CLUN, a second-degree cooperative, was founded in January 2017 when Feiraco, Os Irmandiños and Melisanto merged to create a leader in the Galician agricultural and livestock industry. Aligned with large European cooperatives, it has three strategic objectives which contribute to dairy production sustainability: the use of technical-financial services to increase efficiency in production costs, optimization of supplies, and adding volume to improve the value chain and support its structure. CLUN sells the brands Feiraco, Únicla, Clesa and cheese from Arquega.

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