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Learn all about paella on Gastraval's blog editorial team

Did you know that paella is one of the most searched-for recipes on the internet? Since it's a difficult dish to prepare, it makes sense that people look on the web before getting down to work. In fact, paella is one of the most searched-for recipes online, by all kinds of people in every country, as it's a dish that is known around the world. In fact, when you look up "paella recipe", you get more than 148,000 hits in less than 0.30 seconds.

The blog also contains articles with tips on how the paella should look aesthetically, and what to serve alongside it. It also shows that paella is not just ideal in summer; in fact, it's the perfect dish for a wide range of occasions, such as weddings, presentations, and cultural and social events, among others.

This is just a peek at the interesting info about paella available on Gastraval's blog. We encourage you to check it out for more details about this stellar Spanish dish.

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