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It is possible to combine athletic performance with healthy habits? editorial team

Professional athletes can have a normalized lifestyle that doesn't affect their performance. That's what the data reveals in the study entitled "Comparison of alcoholic beverage consumption habits by Spanish athlete vs. a control group", led by Juan Antonio Corbalán, a former professional basketball player and specialist in exercise physiology at the La Salle Institute of Functional Rehabilitation and Sciences applied to Sport, together with Drs. Javier Marco and Cristina Fernández, from San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid.

For the first time ever, this study compares the consumption of liquids other than water by professional athletes, sports enthusiasts and a homogeneous selection of people who don't practice sports. Research by Dr. Corbalán shows that, through several surveys, it is possible to practice sports, to varying levels, maintain healthy living habits, and consume beverages with a low alcohol content. In fact, his conclusions confirm that, for people with a healthy lifestyle, moderate consumption of low-alcohol drinks, such as beer, does not affect their athletic performance.

The study included 336 participants, of which 88 are professional athletes, 121 are sports enthusiasts, and 127 are not athletes. Despite the differences in sports activity between the three groups, beer is the alcoholic beverage consumed in moderation by all participants after exercising.

The high water content and balanced components (carbohydrates, low sodium content, no fats) make beer an obvious choice in athletes' diets. Beer is also very low in calories (100ml has just 45 calories), and it's also a drink with a lower alcohol content, of around 4°-6°.

Dr. Corbalán underlined in his research that normalization habits in professional sports are both possible and necessary, highlighting the importance of combining athletic performance with a healthy lifestyle.

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