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8 DE agosto DE 2018

Grupo Jafisa, synonymous with quality meat

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

The meat sector has grown exponentially in recent years, positioning the industry in fourth position in terms of volume, with more than 3,000 SMEs involved in production. This sector accounts for 14% of industrial GDP and is a leader within Spain's food and drink industry, with revenues of 22.168 billion euros, i.e. 20% higher than the Spanish food sector's as a whole. The sector provides 80,979 direct jobs, which account for 20% of total jobs in Spain's food industry.

Grupo Jafisa is a leader in Spain in terms of sales due to its total commitment to the quality of every single product and to the supply of all kinds of meat and meat byproducts via HoReCa within Spain. In 2017, the company reported sales of 12.5 million euros, up 22% with respect to the previous year.

The company's facilities, where it professionally handles meat and complies rigorously with all health requirements, span more than 9000 square meters, and the company has 3,000 active clients, including hotels, restaurants, schools and even government agencies.

Fully aware that times are changing and of the need to innovative in an industry that is consistently growing, Jafisa constantly aims to redefine itself and has a clear commitment to innovation. The group is dedicated to providing the healthiest items to meet demand for new products in a constantly evolving market that is increasingly demanding.

"All of Jafisa's energy and efforts are focused on the ongoing search for quality. Based on that, working with the latest technology is basically a given. And that's what we're doing. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology is essential in supporting our day-to-day activities," says sales manager Ignacio Prieto.

The entire process, at the service of the hospitality and foodservice industries

The best guarantee for quality is ensuring that the animals are healthy and reared in the best conditions. To this end, Grupo Jafisa has farms throughout Spain which are wholly environmentally friendly with a view to achieving sustainable, responsible growth.

This approach is only possible by having a deep respect for animals and being particularly careful with their wellbeing and food. Giving them the space they need in a well-cared for environment is indispensable for the group.

It has modern, sprawling facilities in southern Madrid where meat from the farms is preserved in cold stores pending cutting at just the right moment.

Jafisa is synonymous with speed and efficiency. Every day the group distributes more than 400 carefully chosen and packaged orders throughout Spain, in under 24 hours, with the ideal temperature to ensure optimal product conditions during the process. Traceability also plays an essential role. The identification, route and information regarding each product in the supply chain is guaranteed thanks to a fundamental tool for monitoring each piece and ensuring its quality.

Grupo Jafisa, once again at the Salón de Gourmets fair

Jafisa participated for the third year in a row in the 32nd edition of the leading event for fans of gastronomy and gourmet products, held from May 7th to the 10th.

It was a large and elegant fair, in line with the setting chosen for the company to present its new premium line, The Meat Supreme. This new catalog, which features mainly beef, is a commitment to products with added value, which accounts for around 10% of group revenues.

"Many of our customers don't see Grupo Jafisa as a distributor of premium products despite the fact that we have an extensive collection", said Ignacio. This new line includes new cuts which have been aged between 20 and 60 days (in line with customer demand) from Black Angus cattle from the US, Kobe beef from Wagyu cows, Rubia Gallega, Simmental from Central Europe, and Retinto, among others.

The Meat Supreme is a prime choice. Age, breed and food are essential parameters for dry aging, which allows meat to reaching its optimal consumption period thanks to control of humidity, temperature and air movement.

"Grupo Jafisa is focused on sales to leading restaurants, such as Casa Lucio and Casa Juan, and five-star groups and hotel chains," said Ignacio. "Around 70% of revenues come from Madrid, although we have clients throughout Spain. Thanks to this new brand, we expect to be able to expand the business internationally in the near future."

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