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Calidad Pascual reaffirms its leadership six months after inception

Gemma Fernández. Journalist. @gemmafdz

Calidad Pascual recently celebrated its six-month anniversary. Pascual's new corporate identity was presented in early 2014 and reaffirms the distinguishing features of the company, which just turned 45. Quality, innovative spirit, a commitment to rural areas and society, and a focus on people and the environment are some of the keys to its success.

Calidad Pascual is one of Spain's leading food companies, due to cooperation and alliances that enable it to create new brands, such as Pascual, Bezoya, Biofrutas, ViveSoy and Café Mocay, which account for 95% of total revenues.

According to Francisco Hevia, head of Corporate Responsibility and Communication: "The new brand image is the result of a strategic plan that aims to position the company in a new competitive, economic and social environment without losing sight of its traditional values".


Accordingly, Calidad Pascual has a clear commitment in the coming years to being a leader in Spain through its core brands, reaching agreements with third parties for its non-core assets, and pursuing growth through internationalization.

In the HoReCa sector, the company has a broad range of brands which meet 17% of a catering professional's needs. With a view to reinforcing its sales capacity, Calidad Pascual created Qualianza, a wholly-owned company, to manage its distribution optimally and profitably, with a view to strengthening its business portfolio with brands in relevant categories for the catering/hotel segment.

Says Hevia: "The company's quality is a broad concept which is deployed throughout our value chain, with the result that our primary objective is to create value and share it with our stakeholders in every phase."

To that end, the company completed new launches in the first few months of the year, such as DiaBalance, in alliance with Esteve, the first specialized brand for people with diabetes; Choco Blanco Batidos Pascual, a new line of white chocolate shakes; Biofrutas Pouch; and Pascual Lactose Free with vitamin B6.

These are some of the new products in the company's portfolio which seek to cover several market niches and enhance competitiveness.

Along these lines, Calidad Pascual is firmly committed to ViveSoy, the leading producer of soy beverages, with a 23.4% market share, and Café Mocay, which plays "a key role in the company due to its ability to generate profitability in the 'non-organized' channel (i.e. small bars and restaurants)."

In Spain, Calidad Pascual has the largest distribution network in the market, which enables it to promote alliances with strategic partners, such as the agreement with Nutrexpa to sell its leading brands of shakes, Cola Cao and Okay, as well as with Unilever, with which it is involved in production, sales and advertising for its Flora and Flora Proactiv dairy drinks".

Having reorganized and stabilized long-term debt, Calidad Pascual is seeking greater business flexibility, and will continue working this year to achieve agreements with third parties for its non-core assets.  

Last year, the brand reached an agreement with Turkish company Töksoz to transfer its juice plant, Zumos Palma, which produced Zumosol; with Ribé Salat group to manage its insurance brokerage; and with Palacios for its line of frozen Spanish omelet.  

"They're partners with shared values and specialists in their respective sectors who contribute value and guarantee the sustainability of those businesses", says Hevia.

Growth through internationalization

Calidad Pascual remains focused on entering international markets as an avenue for growth and for achieving a leading position in certain markets outside Spain with its long-life yogurt.

According to Hevia, the company owns a yogurt plant with Empresas Polar which has a production capacity of 50 million kilos in Valencia (Venezuela) with a view to being a local market leader with the MiGurt brand, and in the Philippines it launched the Creamy Delight brand with Asia Brewery.

Says Hevia, "International revenues currently account for around 5% of the total, and the goal is to reach 30% in the medium term through long-life yogurt, since it responds to the needs and demand in those countries”. This new identity is a strategy for understanding and serving the market, its stakeholders and its surroundings based on a business model that is fully focused on quality.

The philosophy hasn't changed. Calidad Pascual aims to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders in terms of strategy, planning and management.

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