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5 DE noviembre DE 2015

Another successful edition of Fruit Attraction

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Fruit Attraction 2015 was the largest and most extensive edition to date, with 1,020 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, up 20% compared with last year, and 32,000 square meters of exhibition area, 18% more than during the previous edition.

Once again, production was the segment with the greatest participation, accounting for 70% of Fruit Attraction, with healthy representation also by the ancillary industry, which accounted for 30%.

New features of Fruit Attraction

Fruit Attraction had a new exhibition area, The Organic Hub, for companies with organic fruits and vegetables, for which there is growing demand in the international market. With this initiative, in which 50 exhibitors participated, the fair aimed to underline its role as a platform for presenting the sector's latest products and as a place for participating companies to promote their products and gain visibility.

In this edition, the area for production and distribution suppliers was reorganized according to specialization. This allowed the more than 50,000 trade sector professionals to visit Ancillary Industry and Distribution and Logistics companies, where they met leading suppliers to distribute their products in optimal conditions. And in the Tech4Fruits area, visitors learned about the technological solutions and innovations to improve productivity and production quality.

Technical Sessions

This year's Fruit Attraction included an extensive program of technical sessions and parallel activities addressing a very diverse range of topics and with a high level of participants and speakers.

The 1st International Kaki Symposium, Kaki Attraction (October 28th), focused on the production and commercial situation of kaki persimmons; the 2nd Stone Fruit Attraction (October 29th) aimed to highlight production of Spanish stone fruit, underlining concepts such as the diversity and variety of the fruit available, as Spain is the only country in the northern hemisphere able to provide a supply during six months (from April to November) to all international markets.

Fruit Attraction reinforced its organic fruit and vegetable focus not only with The Organic Hub, but also with a session promoted by F&H entitled Organic fruit and vegetable markets and sales in Europe (October 28th).

Other noteworthy sessions included Fruit Retail (October 29th), organized by Alimarket; Single Evaluation Authority: a tool for a more innovative, productive and competitive Spanish agriculture (October 29th), organized by FEPEX and AEPLA; and the INIA Sessions: logistics possibilities in the food chain (October 30th), organized by INIA and FEPEX.

As part of Fruit Forum, there was a session entitled The most efficient and best connected hub in the world for the marketing of fresh products, coordinated by Puertos de España. Another session was FIPA 2015: European fruits and vegetables: challenges and requirements in production and sales, organized by APAE, FEPEX and IFEMA, which had two components: an analysis of the production and sale of European fruits and vegetables, and a discussion about agri-food journalism in Europe.

Pasarela Innova and Foro Innova

Other initiatives that also made the fair a powerful commercial tool for companies was Pasarela Innova, an area for presenting new products, varieties and brands that exhibiting companies wanted to share first with the fruit and vegetable market during the three-day fair.

In the Foro Innova area, companies presented their latest innovations.

Buyers Program and B2Fruit New Markets

Fruit Attraction, which has become a leading commercial tool for companies, has progressively positioned itself to offer participants a platform for promotion and international expansion. To that end, Ifema is investing notably in promotional campaigns and in a Program for International Guests, which will bring to Madrid 600 professionals from more than 50 countries in the procurement and distribution chain which decision-making power and the capacity to negotiate.

As in the two previous editions, Fruit Attraction offered exhibitors B2Fruit-New Markets, which aimed to organize interviews bwteen participating companies and buyers in new markets with notable import capacity.

As in previous years, this edition included Fruit Fusion, which focused on raising awareness about, and innovation in, the best fruits and vegetables available to the catering sector. This gastronomic area included interesting cooking demos.

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