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23 DE febrero DE 2016

Food and tradition in Seville

Manel González. Journalist

There are few cities whose streets are as lovely to wander as Seville's. As long as you don't visit the Andalusian capital in the middle of summer, strolling around the birthplace of the Machado brothers awakens all of the senses. Triana neighborhood, the brotherhood of Veracruz, María Luisa Park... many sites offer visitors lessons in history and architecture. Seville is a beautiful crossroads of civilizations. Tradition and modernity come together in its buildings and its people.

Indubitably, after wandering around, you'll want to enjoy a delicious meal, just as you enjoyed seeing the city's beautiful sites. Esther Encinas shares with us some of the restaurants with the most tradition and character along the Guadalquivir River:

-El Rinconcillo (C/ Gerona, 40): This is a great place to visit as it's a classic tapas bar that serves delicious traditional Sevillian fare.  It's been around for more than four centuries and has seen a steady flow of customers over the years.

-Dos de Mayo (Plaza de la Gavidia, 6): This little gem has a wine cellar and serves traditional Andalusian cuisine, and it boasts a terrace in a very lively plaza.

-Casa Robles (C/ Placentines, 2): This restaurant chain stands out for its bullfighting-inspired decor. It also has an excellent and varied menu in a wonderful location, by the Seville Cathedral. The service is also outstanding.

-Abades (C/ Betis, 69): If you want to enjoy some beautiful views of the Guadalquivir River, we recommend that you eat at this top-notch restaurant with the Tower of Gold in the backdrop.

-Río Grande (C/ Betis, S/N): This restaurant is located at the beginning of well-known Betis Street, and it boasts elegant decor and excellent Andalusian cuisine.

If, after visiting these outstanding restaurants  in Seville, you want to change it up and try something a little more "gourmet", stay tuned for upcoming editions of the Places section of

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