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Adding value to spanish exports


27 DE diciembre DE 2013

To a Happy New Year and good Spanish food products

Ricardo Migueláñez, Editor of and Wiki Spanish Food

The team at would like to thank its readers for their support during these first few months, and the perfect way to do that is by offering the best information about Spanish products. Thank you.

We are approaching the end of 2013, a year in which we set off on a journey around the world in the company of the best Spanish products. We are heading into 2014 more inspired and dedicated than ever, with the goal of providing you with all the leading news on Spanish gastronomy. But we're not bidding farewell to 2013; instead, we're saying "thank you". Thank you for helping us find this path, where we hope to continue for many years to come. Happy 2014!

What better news to end the year with than info on some of Spain's most renowned products? This newsletter includes an interview with tireless, non-conformist chef David Muñoz, owner of DiverXo restaurant and winner of 3 Michelin stars. We also feature two interesting reports about  Spain's wine sector, on prospects in 2014 and China's role in exports. Don't miss the latest details about the international plans being rolled out by DOs Ribera and Rioja, and projections for global olive oil production during the next season.

Happy new year! Have a great week!

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