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Adding value to spanish exports


12 DE noviembre DE 2013

Olive Oil Week

Ricardo Migueláñez, Editor of and Wiki Spanish Food

Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment and the European Union are both strongly committed to the promotion of this truly Mediterranean product. The Interprofesional has organized several activities as part of its new campaign to provide foreign visitors with an updated, broader image of olive oils, inviting them to discover their aromas, textures, flavors and varieties.

Olive oil accounts for a notable share of Spanish exports. During the last campaign (October 2012 to 30 September 2013), Spain sold more than 661,100 tons of "liquid gold" to international buyers, according to data from the Olive Oil Agency (AAO).

And, as is become customary, in this newsletter we offer you all the latest and most important news on the best Spanish products and the food sector. We interview chef Nacho Manzano, a partner of Ibérica London Group, who considers the UK capital to be the perfect place to promote Spanish cuisine.

Juan Vicente Safont, President of Anecoop—which is Spain's leader in fruit and vegetable exports and comprises 76 cooperatives—highlights the arrival of their products in Russia and the recent creation of a subsidiary in China called Anecoop Asia. In this edition of Wikispanishfood, we also report on growth in fruit and vegetable exports in the last few months.

Read on for information about game meat and how much is sold beyond Spain's borders, to Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy, our primary customers.

And don't miss a complete overview of the latest news about Spanish companies and products, where wines, oils, fruit and vegetables take pride of place.

Have a great week!

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