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Adding value to spanish exports


18 DE septiembre DE 2013

An open door to Made in Spain

September is a month for new beginnings and ambitions, an objective which led to the creation of, a unique tool that will raise awareness about Spain's best products all over the globe.

Ricardo Migueláñez, Editor of and Wiki Spanish Food is a singular commercial initiative from Spain currently under way. Our publication was created with a specific goal: to add value to Spanish exports and agri-food products from the Mediterranean region., launched this month, will be aimed at countries around the world that are leading importers of Spanish products, with a view to enhancing their value on the global stage.

Exports of Spanish agri-food products play a crucial role: Spain ranks eighth worldwide and fourth in Europe in terms of food sold abroad. The country, which has a long-standing tradition in farming and food, continues to expand its offer of beverages, fruits, vegetables and meat for the rest of the world, guaranteeing top-flight quality across all four sectors.

In addition to their nutritional properties, Spanish agri-food products have ties to both tradition and gastronomy and are especially valuable—not just because they are used by our renowned chefs, but also because of the culture associated with them. Moreover, all of our products are part of the highly-esteemed Mediterranean Diet, which has been included in UNESCO's Intangible Heritage List. will also regularly provide information about Spanish products through a digital newsletter. We are proud to offer this first-hand e-news bulletin so that you may become more closely acquainted with, and better value, products from Spanish companies.

We are at your disposal to provide additional information in connection with any of our articles, and we are pleased to receive any feedback that would further our project and ensure that information about your company's products effectively reaches consumers around the world.

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