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10 DE octubre DE 2018

Interovic kicks off its promotional lamb and mutton campaign

Wikispanishfood Editorial Team

Interovic presented its promotional campaign in non-EU countries, including Saudi Arabia, the EAU, Hong Kong and Israel, to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

José Miguel Herrero, General Director of the Agri-Food Industry, gave the opening remarks.  María Naranjo, who heads ICEX's Department of Foods, Wine and Gastronomy, then spoke about the importance of ongoing efforts to internationalize the sector.  Francisco Marcen, President of Interovic, talked about the current status of the sheep sector and Spanish export performance. The event concluded with Beatriz Casares, who is in charge of Interovic's promotional programs. She shared the strategic campaign that will be implemented over the next three years.

That campaign, which will be rolled out between 2018 and 2020, has a total budget of one million euros, 80% of which is provided by the European Union. Objectives include boosting internationalization of the sector and raising awareness about the characteristics of lamb and mutton. There are an estimated 57 million potential new consumers.  

The first EU program to include brands

This is the first European program being rolled out in Spain in which brands are involved. Moralejo Selección, Murgaca and Pastores Grupo Cooperativo are among the six participating brands. This will allow for the introduction of products made in Spain with an EU quality seal into new markets and the creation of new business opportunities.

The campaign will target three main groups: key opinion leaders, professionals, and consumers. The goal is to raise awareness about the sector and build trust in Spanish products to ultimately generate greater commercial opportunities. This will be achieved by participating in different events, such as trade fairs (e.g. Gulfood, HOFEX and Foodex Saudi) and showrooms, and organizing promotions at points-of-sale.

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