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Persimon® Bouquet® kaki, a surprising fall fruit

The story behind the kaki

The kaki (Diospyros genus) is a fruit that originated in China and was gradually introduced into North America, Brazil, India, Israel and Spain, primarily as a decorative plant.

The Persimon® Bouquet® brand kaki is Rojo Brillante, a very consistent and firm fruit when ripe, much like a peach. The Rojo Brillante variety is native to the Valencian region of Ribera del Xúquer. It has quickly become a classic among autumn fruits and has been very well-received by consumers due to its aesthetic appeal and pleasant flavor. This variety has the guarantee of the Designation of Origin Kaki Ribera del Xúquer Regulatory Council, which certifies each package with the seal and a number. This Regulatory Council supervises the production, quality, flavor, appearance and packaging of every harvest from the DO. Only fruit certified by the DO can bear the Persimon® brand.

Anecoop, the leader in fruit and vegetable sales and exports in Spain, sells Persimon® brand kakis from the DO Ribera del Xúquer under its prestigious Bouquet® brand, as part of its commitment to providing only exceptional quality fruit.

Persimon® Bouquet® kaki: a healthy, safe, versatile fruit

The Persimon® Bouquet® kaki is a good source of vitamins C and A, which are essential for growth in children and for fetal development in pregnant women. They are also high in fiber, which favors digestion, and soluble pectin, which helps reduce cholesterol. Kakis are ideal for athletes, as they are high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein. They also contain a lot of phosphorus, an indispensable mineral for bone formation.

There are many different ways to eat a kaki: as dessert, in a salad, in a shake... As a result of this versatility, the Persimon® Bouquet® kaki is a fruit with a lot of potential.

Persimon® Bouquet® kakis are produced using environmentally-friendly methods which ensure food safety at all times. These include the "naturane" method, a quality control and food safety system used by Anecoop and its member cooperatives, or biological production, using maturation techniques taught by farmers from the Far East and which have been updated by Anecoop.

It has also been a source of notable social support in Ribera del Xúquer by providing farmers in the area with an interesting alternative crop that favors long-term sustainability of farming in the region.

The keys to success

The Persimon® Bouquet® kaki's success is attributable to multiple factors, among them its extraordinary quality, as well as its flavor, sweetness and firmness. As a result, it has become a favorite seasonal fruit for almost anyone who tries it.

It is also very easy to eat: it has no stones or seeds and can be eaten with the skin, like an apple. It is also ideal and very versatile in cooking, due to its texture and consistency.

Persimon® Bouquet® in “Método Bouquet 2.0”

In October 2010, Anecoop presented the Bouquet Cultivamos Futuro campaign at Fruit Attraction (Madrid), an initiative based on Social Corporate Responsibility, which the second-grade cooperative has been practicing since inception almost 38 years ago. One of the campaign's greatest features is that it allows the company and the final consumer to interact on, which offers proposals for promoting healthy eating based on a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.

These include a game for families with children called "Método Bouquet 2.0", which consists of a series of challenges and missions during 28 days (experts concur that a routine becomes a habit after 21 days) which seeks to introduce fruits and vegetables to kids in a way that is both natural and fun, so they don't view them as negative, and to encourage healthy competition among family members.

Método Bouquet is adapted to four different family profiles depending on children's ages and the amount of free time a family has, which allows them to play the game accordingly, in the evening/at night, on the weekends, or on vacation.

This initiative is recommended by the Ministries of Agriculture and Health under the Valencian regional government. The methodology has been revised by nutritionists with the Ministry of Health, supporting the results obtained through this Método, which families receive in a final evaluation report.

This fall, Persimon® Bouquet® kaki will be one of the main characters in the game, which offers a perfect chance to get to know and enjoy a fruit that is full of surprises.

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