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Kiwi Atlántico Black Label, extraordinary quality

Spanish company Kiwi Atlántico will present its Black Label kiwifruit—a fruit with extraordinary quality in terms of texture, flavor, and color—at Fruit Attraction. The product has exploded onto the market with its gourmet flavor, ideal for consumers who prefer high-end fruit.

Kiwi Atlántico rigorously monitors its products, and the fruit undergoes an exhaustive analysis with laser measurement sensors and NIR, which indicate its degrees Brix, hardness and dry matter, the main indices that provide information about the fruit's quality and potential.

In the last three years, Kiwi Atlántico has applied the above-mentioned parameters in several research projects to determine the best fruits for guaranteeing a product with a strong flavor and appropriate firmness for consumption.

As a result of these efforts, and its commitment to offering consumers the best product on the market, this year Kiwi Atlántico is debuting a fruit with outstanding organoleptic quality, uniformity and intense flavor.

Kiwi Atlántico will be featuring its Black Label kiwifruit at stand 7E90A at Fruit Attraction in Madrid.

25 years of quality

Kiwi Atlántico was founded in 1988 as a union of around 30 kiwifruit growers in Galicia and Asturias. It currently comprises more than 70 members and 20 collaborative producers, with farm operations of various sizes. The company is comprised solely of producers with a long tradition in agriculture.

Producing kiwifruit in Spain distinguishes this brand from the others in the sector, which import the fruit from other countries. The organization has been committed to its product's quality of origin for 25 years.

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