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27 DE noviembre DE 2017

Jabugo celebrates in Paris

Wikispanishfood editorial team

PDO Jabugo celebrated its global launch on November 13th in Paris with a very special presentation that involved the Mayor of Jabugo, Gilberto Domínguez. As the change of name became effective in March, the new PDO has now embarked on a mission to raise awareness about 100% Ibérico acorn-fed ham as an outstanding product in Spain and Huelva's culinary repertoire.

The entourage in France was headed by the President of the Regulatory Council, Guillermo García-Palacios; the President of Huelva's Regional Government, Ignacio Caraballo; the President of Huelva's Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Ponce, and Gilberto Domínguez. During his presentation, Domínguez said that "PDO Jabugo is a powerful instrument for making Huelva a place of progress and sustainable development, guaranteeing a future of hope for our companies, farmers and all citizens".

He added that "Jabugo is growing at the moment and receiving notable investment from leading agri-food companies which are focused on our town as they are certain that it will provide added value to their products." To that end, "PDO Jabugo is essential for promoting our ham has a top-quality product, protecting our name and developing Jabugo and the region".

Domínguez stressed internationalization as one of the main challenges facing the Ibérico industry and the PDO going forward, "so that Jabugo is recognized in every corner of the world for its excellence and expertise." He also underlined "the need to work together to be competitive, but always in a way that is sustainable, contributing to environmental preservation and the protection of our dehesa, as it is the main source of wealth and lifestyle of the people of Jabugo and our towns".

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