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Adding value to spanish exports


Spain, the global leader in olive oil

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Spain is  a global leader in the production, sale and export of olive oils, with average sales of around 1,650,000 tons per year in the last few seasons, and almost 70% of production is exported, according to data from the Agency for Food Information and Control.

Production amounted to 1.78 million tons in 2013/2014, an all-time high. Domestic sales expanded by 6.2% in the last season, reaching 530,500 tons, despite the consumer spending crisis gripping Spain.

With respect to exports, sales have doubled in just one decade. A total of 550,091 tons were exported during the 2004/2005 season, compared with 1,100,000 during 2013/2014, reflecting an increase of 100%. According to data from customs, Spain sold olive oil in 162 countries during the last season.

One aspect that hasn't changed is that Europe maintains its position as the primary consumer of Spanish olive oils. We exported 76.02% of our oil to 42 European countries, 27 of them within the European Union. Beyond Europe, 13.05% was exported to America during the first 11 months of the 2013/2014 season.In America, our main customer is the US, followed by Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.Those four countries account for more than 92% of Spanish olive oil demand in America.

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