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Matarromera launches a new line of grape extract products

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

At Columbus restaurant in Madrid, prestigious chef Mario Sandoval and leading winemaker Carlos Moro presented a new line of products called VINESENTI by Carlos Moro & Mario Sandoval, a grape extract for use in haute cuisine.

VINESENTI is a natural polyphenol extract of the red Tempranillo grape from the Matarromera vineyards in Ribera del Duero, and the white Verdejo grape, from the heart of DO Rueda.

Each 250-gram package is made from 90 kilos of grapes from the two regions of Spain, both of which have a long-standing winemaking tradition. After the grapes have been pressed to make wine, their essence is extracted from their skin using a system that is unique to, and patented by, Matarromera Group.

The creation of this innovative product, which gives rise to new sensations and emotions, is the result of four years of research by Sandoval and Moro.

This new line of products enriches dishes, adding sensory properties to foods such as new flavors, colors and aromas. Moreover, since they contain antioxidants, they extend the shelf life of products.VINESENTI fuses with foods and enhances recipes, adding new sensory properties: different textures, flavors, aromas and colors. It can be added before, during or after cooking.

It adds freshness, due to its slight acidity; hints of spice, cocoa and grains; sweet tannins and fruit and mineral sensations; an increase in volume on the palate; and a mild bitterness and slight astringency. The high polyphenol content in grapes add antioxidant properties, which slows ageing andis practically fat free.

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