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ElPozo expands its All Natural product line

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

ElPozo Alimentación has launched two new products as part of its All Natural line of fresh, quality foods: traditional oven-braised ham and turkey breast.

The company's new braised ham is prepared using traditional methods and only the very best cuts, with a double-cooking process. The ham is them oven-baked, which gives it a unique braised aroma, appearance, and flavor. It has no phosphate or artificial coloring, with a view to providing a top-quality product.

The company's traditional braised turkey breast is free of phosphate, artificial coloring and lactose. It too is oven-baked, which affords it a braised flavor and distinct texture.

ElPozo Alimentación's All Natural range is the result of ongoing R&D and innovation as part of its commitment to continuous improvement and to meeting the needs of all consumers who want healthy products that still retain every bit of their flavor.

The company's research begins with the primary ingredients and extends through to the final product, and is very important for catering to consumers' food sensitivities, especially since recent studies show that close to 15% of the population suffers from food allergies and intolerance.

ElPozo Alimentación also makes gluten-free products for people with celiac disease, of which there are around 500,000 in Spain.

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