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Adding value to spanish exports


16 DE mayo DE 2018

Less duties, more pork

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

The European Union and Mexico have reached a trade agreement that would eliminate duties in different sectors, affecting pork producers. This provides new opportunities in Mexico for Spanish companies, as it is the third-largest market for meat and pork imports.

Although there are technical aspects of the agreement pending finalization at year-end, and it will have to be ratified by European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, the deal would eliminate current duties on European pork, which is 10% in the case of cured ham and offal, 15% for cold cuts and 20% for meat.

The Director of INTERPORC, Albert Herranz, said that Spanish companies paid around 2.4 million euros in duties last year, with the result that their elimination would "make companies more competitive and boost pork export opportunities, enabling us to continue to build 'Marca España' outside Spain."

Until 2016, Spain could only export cured and cooked pork products to Mexico; however, currently imports of fresh, chilled and frozen meat are approved. This makes Spain the second EU country, following Denmark, allowed to export all kinds of products to Mexico.

Since 2008, exports increased 3-fold in terms of value and 4-fold in volume, from 6.6 million euros then, to 23.2 million euros in 2017, and from 610 tons in 2008, to more than 2,600.

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