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17 DE agosto DE 2018

CEDECARNE prepares an appealing programme of activities for Meat Attraction 2018

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Between the 18th and 20th of September, the Spanish Confederation of Meat Retailers, CEDECARNE will once again play a leading role in MEAT ATTRACTION 2018, the Trade Show for the Meat Industry, which will host live demonstrations of the art of quartering and carving performed by young European butchers, along with new cuts of beef never cooked on the grill before. The Second Edition of the Artisanal Palate Contest in the category "Best Innovative Processed Meat" and the Round Table "Butchery in Europe", will also be part of the main course for the next edition.

In immensely relevant framework, CEDECARNE, with the continued goal of contributing to the value of the butchery-charcuterie trade, has scheduled unique activities throughout the three days of the fair in collaboration with, a gastronomic content portal, with which it shares an interest in training and developing meat sector professionals.

To promote the collaborative work of butchers and chefs, Cedecarne will hold its first SHOW CUTTING LAMB, a live demonstration of European lamb meat carving, during which   European professional butchers, winners of the International Young Butchers Competition, will show their expertise and skill in the art of carving. For his part, Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, chef of La Botica and winner of a Michelin star, will collaborate in this show, developing innovative recipes with the different cuts provided by the young professionals. The objective? Demonstrate that traditional cuts are not always the most appropriate for the elaborations that are applied in the kitchen and that there are parts considered less known, which can be used to obtain high yields.

The Spanish sector's situation with respect to that of its European colleagues will be the central theme to be addressed in the round table THE FIGURE OF THE BUTCHER IN THE 21st CENTURY, which will feature the participation, among others, of the Vice President of the European Butchers association, Jaqueline Balzer, a representative from the Young European Butchers association, Raza Nostra CEO Carlos Rodríguez, a model company in transformation and innovation, and master roaster Juan Antonio Zaldua.

Encouraging young people to innovate in the profession is the challenge of the 2nd BEST PROCESSED MEAT CONTEST in which important butchers, chefs and journalists will be part of the panel of judges, with the prestigious culinary critic José Carlos Capel serving as President. Professionals who wish to register for the contest can do so by contacting

The final touch will come from Carnicería Iriguibel, winners of the 2nd Meat Curing Contest. Alongside butchers and the culinary press, they will perform a SHOW CUTTING BEEF with new cuts of beef never tried before on the grill.

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