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Adding value to spanish exports


Montesano, a commitment to innovation in meat products editorial team

Montesano is committed to innovation and the continuous creation of new products to meet consumers' needs. The company is the result of family tradition along with adaptation to new technologies and demands in nutrition and food hygiene. The combination of both has yielded high efficiency metrics.

Grupo Montesano was created in the Canary Islands almost 50 years ago to provide the local population with the best selection of meat products. Montesano's inception in 1965 occured when the Canary Islands meat industry started to emerge, and today it is a strong, internationally recognized sector.

The company's growth is reflected in its continuous expansion and the improvement of its facilities. Equipped with the latest technology and with a team of over 400 employees, Grupo Montesano currently has two production plants: one in Tenerife and the other in Extremadura.

The La Esperanza (Tenerife) plant spans 20,000 m2 and includes: a cutting room; a room for preparing cured and cooked products; cold rooms; three clean rooms for cutting cold cuts and slicing and vacuum packing fresh meat; the company's offices: and other ancillary services.

Montesano also has cold rooms at the main Canary Island ports and proprietary distribution centers in Tenerife, La Palma, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

For its cured hams and other charcuterie, Montesano uses the most advanced European technology for maintaining optimal temperatures in every phase of the curing process, which it achieves with an alternative system that uses controlled and ambient air.

Montesano: a market leader in Spain and abroad

In line with the company's efforts to strengthen its position in Spain, together with its commitment to the end-to-end process and growth policy, Montesano acquired a factory specializing in Ibérico pork products in Extremadura in 1998.

Located in the birthplace of acorn-fed ham, in Jerez de los Caballeros, Badajoz, this factory meets the demands of the Spanish and international markets with top-quality Ibérico pork products, mainly ham and charcuterie.

Grupo Montesano, which has broad experience in the sector, is a leader in meat products and is committed to its customers. The company has experienced continuous growth since inception, obtaining over 60 million euros in annual revenues.

Its success, quality and prestige throughout its segment, its commitment to service, an ongoing focus on improvement, and rising demand have allowed Montesano to excel in exports, which account for 30% of sales.

The company operates on the five continents, exporting to some of the most demanding markets in terms of food safety: the European Union, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Senegal and Cape Verde.

Montesano has demonstrated the quality of its products, winning numerous awards in Spain in blind tastings and beating out products from Andalusia and central Spain.

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