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Adding value to spanish exports


ElPozo at Sial Paris 2014 editorial team

ElPozo Alimentación participated in this year's SIAL PARIS food fair, now in its 26th edition, with a view to enhancing proximity with its international customers and offering them its wide range of food products.

ELPOZO currently operates in more than 82 countries, although Europe remains very strategic and is its most important market in terms of sales. Specifically, ELPOZO has a notable position in France's chorizo segment. The company sells fresh pork and Ibérico meat products abroad, as well as its entire national range and products exclusively aimed at exports, such as various types of chorizo (regular, spicy and extra-spicy), sausage, etc.

In France, it has its Tournebon product line, which includes fuetec, saucisse séche, saucisson sec and la droite, all of which is top-quality meat, catering specifically to the French market and in line with its consumers' tastes. The company also sells its products in other European countries such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. The company has new pre-cut Serrano and Ibérico ham products, the goal being to adapt to consumer habits in different markets.

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