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Adding value to spanish exports


China, a priority destination for Interporc editorial team

For a few days, China was the main focus of the Interprofessional Agri-food Organization for White Pigs (Interporc), which sought to strengthen its position there and raise awareness about the strict quality controls in production, food safety, and nutritional value, and guarantee supply to China, in addition to addressing other issues.

For these reasons, Interporc attended one of the largest food fairs in Shanghai: Food & Hotel China 2014, where it had one of the most popular and highly-valued stands.

It presented white Spanish pork products and noted considerable interest from Chinese consumers. Moreover, it analyzed business needs and opportunities in China for Spanish producers with a view to improving our products' export volumes.

Interporc offered carving demos, product tastings, workshops on dish presentation and the use of cured charcuterie, hams, and other cooked products. Professional carvers with the company participated, and were one of the main attractions for visitors.  

One Michelin star chef Fernando del Cerro, from Aranjuez, was on hand to prepare delicious tapas live, using white Spanish pork products, which visitors were then able to sample.

Interporc also participated in several showrooms at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing and Shanghai, where the company offered a presentation in which the white Spanish pig was the main star.

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