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What does oil sound like?

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Internet has become an essential tool for creating trends in gastronomy. With this in mind, the Olive Oil Promotional Program, an initiative by Aceites de Oliva de España, with the support of the European Union and Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, has launched an ambitious campaign on social media to encourage users to participate in the Olive Oil Experience.

Four videos have been recorded which capture the essence of each of the main single-variety extra virgin oils, in images and sound.Arbequina, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca and Picualare the main varieties for which music, a kitchen choreography and specific dishes have been created. A fun and original way to show consumers about the many uses, diversity and properties of extra virgin olive oils.

Juan Pozuelo, ambassador for Aceites de Oliva, invites viewers into a very special kitchen where, through music, images and dishes, we learn more about each of these EVOOs. Viewers are also invited to discover our great single-variety oils through sight and sound. Moreover, images and sound have been coordinated so that the music comes from the typical utensils used in any kitchen. The sound of frying, a knife against a cutting board, a blender... together in harmony to achieve an impressive final result.

To convey the message to online users, the campaign directs them to videos on YouTube, which will run from March to July. The structure of the videos will also help boost interaction with users and increase their participation. Each video is linked to the other three and also to the website, agile and appealing way to discover the varieties and their potential.

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