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26 DE junio DE 2019

Olive oil shines in Chicago

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

A feast for the palate and the senses, with the aroma and flavor of extra virgin olive oil in Chicago. Olive Oils from Spain and the European Union organized a gastronomic workshop yesterday, where olive oils were the main attraction. At this event, renowned chefs Seamus Mullen and Marcos Campos reinterpreted classic Spanish dishes such as Galician-style octopus, rice with carabinero shrimp, mussels in brine, romesco sauce with asparagus, mushrooms cooked in sherry, and chocolate mousse with extra virgin olive oil. Guests included the media and local influencers. All of the tapas and pintxos had one thing in common: they were made with virgin olive oils of the highest quality, a food that is becoming increasingly popular in households and restaurants in North America. This event was organized as part of the global campaign entitled "Olive Oil World Tour. Let’s Make a Tastier World”, which is traveling to major cities in Europe, the US and Asia.

The restaurant Black Bull, run by Marcos Campos, hosted this special event. "At our locale, the quality of our ingredients is the true key to success," says Campos, who likes to explore exquisite products and flavors throughout Spain to create a variety of dishes which represent the essential pleasures of Spanish traditions. Indubitably, olive oils take pride of place in all of his culinary creations. Campos, who was born and raised in Valencia, started out as a butcher when he was just 15, and today, at 25, he is the Executive Chef at three top restaurants in Chicago:  Black Bull, Beatnik, and the recently-inaugurated Café Bonhomme and Beatnik On the River.

As part of this event, Campos cooked alongside another top chef in the US, New Yorker Seamus Mullen. Mullen has more than 25 years experience working in Spanish cuisine, of which he is an expert.  Manning the stoves in Spain and the US, Seamus became very popular in 2006 with Boquería, one of the first Spanish restaurants in New York applauded by critics. He is the Olive Oils from Spain ambassador in the US and he is committed to finding a balance between food, health and wellbeing.

Olive oil cocktails

The experience concluded with a guided tasting of some of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, led by expert taster, Alfonso Fernández. Mixologist Ricardo Alvarado topped off the event by preparing surprising cocktails with extra virgin olive oil, like Olive Oil World Cocktail (extra virgin olive oil, vodka, herb liqueur, and lemon juice), Olive Juice Juice (watermelon and apple juice, a pinch of salt and extra virgin olive oil) and Pisco Oliva (pisco, Amontillado sherry, lime, passion fruit, egg white, and a spray of extra virgin olive oil).


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