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Adding value to spanish exports


27 DE junio DE 2019

Ham, in four languages

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

For the first time in 20 years of organizing the Global Ham Congress, the event's official website has been translated into four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian. As a result, the 10th edition of this biennial event will have the greatest international reach possible, for a product like ham, which is exported to over 134 countries.

Moreover, one of the themes will be called "Ham around the world," which will include presentations such as "Export performance in recent years - Keys to exporting to non-EU countries," by Carlos del Hoyo, Marketing Director for the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium, and "Spanish ham in Japan: The pleasure of a major market after 20 years," by Naoto Watanabe, President of the Japan Cured Ham Association.

Ham around the world

The European Union is the primary destination for our exports, given its geographical location, cultural proximity, economic environment and stability, and also due to lower costs. According to data from the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium, 82-84% of ham exported from Spain heads to the EU, and the remaining 16-18% travels to non-EU countries.

Between 1990 and 2017, Germany and France were the markets where Spanish ham exports performed the best and where they were best received. Germany is the primary market in terms of purchases, with a large concentration of big distribution groups. At present, exports amount to around 12 million kilos; packaged ham and ham carved on the spot are the most popular products.

France, which is the second-biggest market as it imports almost 11 million kilos, has a similar buyer profile to Germany although slightly more sensitive to aspects such as quality. It's a market where small retailers offer a wide range of quality Serrano and Ibérico ham. France is also the market where the most Ibérico ham is exported in absolute value terms due to consumers' knowledge, culture, purchasing power and understanding of gastronomy.

Other important markets in the EU are: Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden.

In short, cured ham from Spain has been exported to 134 countries over the last decade, with average exports to 110 markets each year.

For that reason, such an important congress should not focus just one country. Ham is appreciated all over the world, which is why the event's tagline is "If you love ham, you have to come."


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