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Adding value to spanish exports


25 DE junio DE 2019

Exports of Spanish fruit and vegetables increases by 8%

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables from Spain in the first quarter of 2019 increased by 8% in volume and 5% in value, for a total of 3.8 million tons and 4.040 billion euros, compared with data from the same period the previous year and which was released yesterday, according to the Spanish Department of Customs and Excise Taxes.

Between January and March of 2019, vegetables registered notable growth, by 5% in volume in year-on-year terms, and by 12% in value, amounting to 2 million tons and 2.194 billion euros. The most popular exports were tomato, peppers, and lettuce, with sales of over 300,000 tons and a value of 397 million euros in the case of tomato (+2%), 467 million for peppers (+16%) and 300 million for lettuce (+18%). They were followed by cucumbers, for which exports totaled 268,245 tons (+14%) and 241 million euros (+4%), and cabbage, with exports of 218,613 tons (+19%) worth 227 million euros (+27%).

Fruit also increased in export volume, by 10%, reaching 1.8 million tons, although the value slipped by 2% and 1.846 billion euros, due in large part to citrus fruit, a category which is responsible for the largest volume exported during the period. Lagging far behind is strawberries, at 126,376 tons (+26%) and 303 million euros (+14%).

In terms of regions, Andalusia is the main exporter, with 1.4 million tons, 12% more than in the first quarter of 2018, with a value of 1.919 billion euros (+13%); followed by Valencia, with 1.2 million tons (+11%) and 1.069 billion euros (-4%), and Murcia with 692,789 tons (-1%) and 677 million euros (+5%).

In terms of countries, the EU was the primary destination, accounting for 93% of Spanish exports, with 3.5 million tons and year-on-year growth of 7%, and 3.753 billion euros (+5%). A total of 263,462 tons and 287 million euros worth of fruit and vegetable went to non-EU countries. The main destinations were Switzerland and Norway, which together imported 160,225 tons and 155 million euros worth. 

Imports in the period increased by 9% in volume and 15% in value, for a total of 895,144 tons and 804 million euros. Potatoes were the most popular product, with 314,748 tons (+7%) and 113 million euros (+107%), according to data from the Spanish Department of Customs and Excise Taxes.

According to FEPEX, foreign trade data reflects a recovery overall for fresh fruit and vegetables, in volume and value, although some very important products continue to yield negative figures. It also illustrates the strength of imports in the domestic market with high growth that is increasingly on the rise.

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