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Adding value to spanish exports


27 DE junio DE 2016

JBT, at the service of the juice industry

  • JBT's Fruit Division is specialized in processing ALL types of fruit: citrus, continental and/or tropical.
  • JBT is a leader in providing solutions for the juice processing industry, from receiving the fruit through to cleaning and transport, as well as the final stages such as juice extraction, heat treatment, aseptic processing and concentrate production. It also offers packaging solutions for products such as juice, purée, fruit pieces and juice from concentrate.

Citrus Extractor. Citrus fruits, with JBT

JBT has designed technology that's capable of extracting a unique citrus juice. The specific characteristics of the JBT extractor allow for the immediate separation of juice from the fruit's other components.

This citrus juice extraction system yields more juice per unit of fruit than any other system, since it can efficiently squeeze all types of citrus fruits, regardless of their shape or size.

The various models can process between 2 and 7 tons/hour, depending on the size of the fruit.

FTE juice extractor

JBT's extensive experience in processing tomatoes and fruits gave rise to the new FTE juice extractor.

This machine was designed to separate solids from the liquid phase in any type of “Hot/Cold-Break” process.

JBT Stork Food and Dairy Systems

Specialists in design, engineering and manufacturing packaging equipment for the dairy and juice industries. It offers a wide range of sterilizers, bottle formers and hygienic and aseptic bottle fillers.

JBT Stork's bottlers can handle high and low viscosity products as well as products with particles, with the result that a single filler can function with a wide range of products.


For pre-freezing juices and pulps. It offers a very notable energy savings compared with traditional freezing systems.

The quality of the juice is much greater, as it freezes very quickly.

Fresh’n Squeeze

Solutions for direct points-of-sales with our Fresh’n Squeeze line. The perfect solution for supermarkets, fruit shops, and the HoReCa sector: it uses as much of the fruit as possible and is versatile, as it can be used for any citrus fruit.

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