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23 DE junio DE 2016

INTERPORC and World Tapas Day

Wikispanishfood editorial team

The Director of the Interprofessional Agri-food Organization for White Pig (INTERPORC), Alberto Herranz, highlighted "the culinary possibilities of pork and pork products, whose quality and versatility have made it a vital part of Spanish gastronomy."

That's what Herranz said during an event with bloggers and influencers, who participated in a cooking demo with prestigious chef Íñigo Urrechu, who prepared a range of tapas, the main ingredient of which was pork, to help celebrate World Tapas Day.

Herranz noted that pork and pork products are very popular among Spanish consumers, with the result that it made perfect sense to sponsor an event that helps "Marca España" highlight tapas as a distinguishing feature of Spain's national gastronomy.

Along these lines, he said that INTERPORC is organizing an entire program of activities revolving around World Tapas Day. For starters, it has organized the "Pork Tapas Route", in which 21 restaurants in Madrid are participating and which runs from June 10th to the 19th.

INTERPORC is also behind one of the event's official tapas: "Slices of pork shoulder stuffed with cheese, daikon radish and almond, smoked with paprika", it's sponsoring one of the awards in the Photography Competition, and it has organized a cooking demo so that opinion leaders on social media can cook pork products.

Sustainable production and nutritional benefits

Herranz said that the quality of Spanish pork products is attributable to the sustainable European production model, which is the "world's most stringent" and is based on animal welfare, animal health, and a demanding traceability system that follows the product's entire journey, from farm to table.

He confirmed that compliance with these standards, together with the dedication of Spanish companies, allows us to export to 126 countries, offering "a full guarantee that the Spanish products that end up on dinner tables around the world are safe and quality, and were produced respecting the environment and animal welfare."

As for the nutritional properties of pork and pork products, Herranz noted that they contain a broad variety of nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body, as well as proteins and vitamins and minerals, like iron and zinc.

He also highlighted that lean cuts, such as shoulder, are low in fats and saturated fats. With that in mind, pork is recommended as part of a healthy diet and should be eaten 3 or 4 times a week.

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