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Adding value to spanish exports

Wikispanishfood, everything you need to know about spanish pork

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

This week we present the Interporc website, which provides comprehensive information and news about the Interprofessional Agri-Food Organization for White Pigs.

Interporc is a private, non-profit organization which operates nationwide and was recognized by Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (MAGRAMA) with the "Spanish Food—Internationalization" award in 2014. Interporc comprises production, processing and sales organizations in the white pig sector, and its primary objective is to strengthen the industry's image in Spain.

The web has a clear designand is easy to use, and the soft colors align perfectly with the product and sector being promoted.

The top of thehomepage includes several sections, including one for Consumers, which highlights the latest polls on meat consumption and pork products, recipes, and tips for healthy eating habits.

Another section is called The Pig, which features information about pork production, the composition and nutritional value of pork, and the different farms that exist according to the type of animal husbandry.

There's also a section called Extension of the Rule, which addresses the legal aspects of the organization, with detailed information about the terms and conditions which support the economic contribution from the Extension of the Rule of Pork from Spanish White Pigs. The last section is News, where users can find up-to-date information on the sector and learn about Interporc's latest initiatives, including promotional campaigns to raise awareness about the nutritional value of pork.

Additional information is available in the center and bottom of the page, where users can learn about processed meat products' positive effects on health. There are also reports which address the topic of feeding animals, and the different cuts and types of pork.

Overall, the web provides consumers with complete, interesting and up-to-date information on the pork sector.

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