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21 DE enero DE 2019

Food & Beverages

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Food & Beverages is the name of the book published by Thompson Reuters which offers an exhaustive look at the leading industry in Spain and, for the first time, looks at all of the legal, economic, organizational and social aspects that contribute to the importance of the Spanish food chain, as reported by the FIAB.

The authors, of which there are more than 300, are executives from companies, industry associations, consultants, lawyers, university professors, and high-ranking officials in public institutions and within the food chain.

Directed and coordinated by Eduardo Muñoz del Caz, director of Legal Counsel and Institutional Relations at Grupo Supersol; and Enrique Ortega Burgos, professor at King Juan Carlos University and director of Programs at the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE), the book, which is organized into two volumes, is the result of more than two years of research. Moreover, it "completes the story" that began in the previous book, published by the same editorial under the same directors, which was called Commercial Distribution and focused on this essential part of the food chain.

The book, which has 234 chapters, takes a complete look at the industry's legal framework, looking at the most important national and European regulations and addressing other aspects such as labeling, packaging, product safety, designations of origin and geographical indications. Topics covered include innovation that places the food and beverage industry at the forefront of technology at the service of consumers, and the sustainable production methods in an industry that is highly committed to the environment.

The project, which included participation by Agrifood Comunicación (the team behind as well as food sector organizations such as Interpalm, FEBE, Cerveceros de España and Cedecarne, among others, is essential, from a professional and scientific standpoint, for those with an interest or who are participants in some way in any part of the food chain, its production, industry and sales.

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