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22 DE enero DE 2019

Castillo de Canena presents its 13th limited edition

Wikishpanishfood Editorial Team

In its search for excellence, and as a leading company in the gourmet food segment thanks to its extra virgin olive oils—some of the best in the world—Castillo de Canena has launched the 13th limited edition of its iconic First Day of Harvest oil. This product, which is eagerly-awaited all year long, was a pioneer in its category and stands out among high-end oils for the way it's produced and its aroma, flavor and quality.

Castillo de Canena uses precision agriculture to make its prized extra virgin oils. Using scientific methods and the most modern technology, the company monitors the physiological status of its olives and their needs all year long and in real time. Precision agriculture allows them to determine the perfect moment to harvest each variety.

As with every edition, a celebrity with ties to culture, art, sports or science—and with a love for olive oil—designed the label of their singular cherry-colored bottles. The following people participated in previous editions: Sara Navarro, Enrique Ponce, Joaquín Berao, Ainhoa Arteta, Manolo Valdés, Pau Gasol, Alejandro Sanz, Fernando Alonso, Roberto Verino, Raphael, Álex de la Iglesia and Sara Baras.

On this occasion, the writer Juan Eslava Galán created the new label which, for the first time in the 13 years of the First Day of Harvest tradition, will have a different design for Picual and Arbequina oils.

Castillo de Canena, the best virgin olive oils in the world

It's also worth noting Castillo de Canena's stellar performance in the internationally renowned guide Flos Olei.

The 2019 edition of the guide recently recognized the company's extra virgin oils as being the best in the world, for the seventh year in a row, giving them the highest possible score: 99/99 points. This achievement positions Castillo de Canena's extra virgin oils among the top 20 in the world.

The mysticism behind the first oils from the harvest

First Day of Harvest is the incredible result of a year's worth of hard work by the farmer and a tribute to the mysticism of the first oils obtained from the harvest, full of magic and joy.

"Only someone capable of perceiving the magic and beauty of the olive grove and its environment, and who understands the hard work that, year after year, the harvester completes to obtain a fragrant, balanced and complex oil is able to express in the space of a label all of the emotions and passion that arise from a day this special, when we collect the first olives from the harvest," said Rosa Vañó, Head of Marketing and Sales at Castillo de Canena.

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