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Adding value to spanish exports


29 DE noviembre DE 2017

"The olive pomace oil sector is very well-positioned outside Spain"

Manel González. Jounalist

We interviewed the President of the Interprofessional Association of Olive Pomace Oil (Oriva), José Luis Maestro Sánchez-Cano.

Question.- What is the olive pomace oil sector's current status?

Answer.- The sector is very well-positioned outside Spain. And one of the organization's objectives is to recoup our previous position and, as we said before, "come home" so to speak.

Production amounts to approximately 126 thousand tons of olive pomace oil per year, and we export around 90, 92, 94 thousand tons. This is obviously an enormous success. But here in Spain we don't sell any oil, even knowing that we're working with the second-best oil in the world. It's infuriating being unable to introduce this product here.

Q.- What are olive pomace oil's most noteworthy properties?

A.- Well, logically we're talking about the second-best oil in the world. It's an oil that's especially ideal for frying given its high level of monounsaturated fats and, of course, its excellent qualities, and those properties are maintained even when frying, unlike other oils.

Q.- What are Oriva's objectives?

A.- Our objectives include the presentations that we had today, logically. We'd like to participate in all kinds of studies, with universities to research illnesses like Alzheimer's, and raise awareness about everything we've been seeing. This has been our problem during all these years. Results haven't been shared and we are where we are. This is the objective: conduct research and share results.

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