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28 DE mayo DE 2019

'Our goal is to be a leader in the ham sector'

We interview Julio Tapiador in honor of the 20th World Ham Congress. Learn more about this important event here:

WikiSpanishFood- How will this year's congress be different from previous ones?

Julio Tapiador- Anniversaries are, by definition, special. This year we're celebrating 20 years of culture, tradition and innovation. Projects that have never been seen before will be presented, and it will have a unique program organized into nine sections to address the most important and pressing issues in the ham market. Sales, marketing and foreign markets will be major topics for the first time. We want it to be the "internationalization congress." This edition will be held as part of Meat Attraction, the meat industry's top fair.  

WikiSpanishFood- How has the fair evolved over the years, since the first edition? Have expectations been met?

JT- The World Ham Congress started in Córdoba, back in 2001. It has been a success since that first edition, and over the years it has become a meeting point for players in the industry. Every year the stats improve, and for our 10th anniversary, we're hoping to exceed them. At the end of the day, it's a unique event, led by Spain and with an international flavor, with the result that all ham industry professionals are eager for it to kick off. The sector has always provided a lot of support, but this year, as it coincides with Meat Attraction, we expect a record number of attendees and real internationalization.

WikiSpanishFood- What are the objectives for the 10th edition?

JT- The objectives of this edition are to address production, research and sales of ham in depth; to present the latest trends and news on nutrition and gastronomy; and to analyze successful case studies and the best marketing and sales tools that will help the sector improve its commercial efficiency. Accordingly, the Congress aims to increase the prestige of cured ham on all five continents, as well as the importance of a leading global industry, while also promoting consumption.

WikiSpanishFood - How have new marketing and sales techniques in the global market had an impact on the sector?

JT- The global market is constantly changing, and in the last few years, with new techniques, there has been enormous progress. We have to step up our game if we don't want to be left behind. As I said before, sales, marketing and external markets are going to be in the spotlight at the 10th edition of this Congress. The new techniques are vital for evolving and achieving our main objective, which is real internationalization for ham. The speakers will discuss the current status of companies in the sector and, in particular,  global trends, enabling attendees to consider multi-channel strategies in Spain and beyond.

WikiSpanishFood - Where is this fair headed? What does the future hold?

JT- For this anniversary edition, our goal is to become the leading event for the ham industry, to position ourselves as the meeting point for different markets and countries, and to be able to present progress in technology and innovation. We're working with companies in France, Italy and Portugal and we want them to be present at this Congress.

For more information and to register for the Congress, visit:

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