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14 DE enero DE 2016

'I always include olive oil in my diet because it has anti-inflammatory properties'

Ricardo Migueláñez. @rmiguelanez

Ricardo Migueláñez.- How important is olive oil in your daily diet?

Rafael Nadal.- It's a vital part of my diet, as I eat it all the time. In the morning I have toast with olive oil. I really like fish as well, and I usually drizzle olive oil on top.

R. M.- What are the benefits of olive oil in terms of sports?

R. N.- I believe it's one of the healthiest foods around and we aim to use it as often as possible. For me, it's essential.

R. M.- Olive oil is a product which is known for being good for your health. As an athlete, how do you believe it's beneficial for health?

R. N.- I think that's more of a question for my dietitian, but I can tell you that I've always included it in my diet, among other reasons, because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

R. M.- As a native of Mallorca, how important is olive oil in Mediterranean cuisine?

R. N.- It's extremely important. In Mallorca we have excellent oils and, as I mentioned, I use it throughout the day when I eat.

R. M.- What dish do you make often in which olive oil is an essential ingredient?

R. N.- With my breakfast toast, the bread I eat with lunch and dinner, and also in salads, pastas and fish.

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