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Adding value to spanish exports


27 DE octubre DE 2017

"Ham is the crown jewel of Spanish charcuterie"

Manel González. Journalist

Embutidos España, in the small town of Escalonilla, saw its revenues expand by 17% in the last year, to 32 million euros, of which 30% came from exports to more than 70 countries. Hams and cured meats are the product that are most in demand outside Spain, although Embutidos España's true star is pork loin, and it's the largest producer in the world. We spoke to the company's manager, Miguel Ángel España.

Question.- How does a family-run company from a small town in Toledo become the largest producer of pork loin in the world?

Answer.- By specializing in a product with scope for growth in the market but with an extensive track record due to its many good qualities. It's important to note that it has less fat.

Q.- You focus on tradition during the production process. What does that entail and how can consumers note those qualities?

A.- In particular, in the selection of ingredients and curing time. Not all pork loin can be used to make dry-cured pork loin, only the meat from certain breeds is suitable. Moreover, our system allows us to produce pork loin with a long curing process but which is also juicy and tasty.

Q.- Another hallmark of your company is innovation. What new products are you working on at the moment?

A.- Right now we're focused on launching low-salt loin, which has 33% less salt than traditional products. We're also reducing preservatives and allergens in several products.

Q.- Last year you saw revenues expand by 17%, to 32 million euros. Do you expect similar growth in 2017?

A.- In the first 8 months we've seen growth of 20.2%, which we expect to hold steady during the rest of the year.

Q.- Half of revenues come from ham, most of which is exported. Where is this product most popular?

A.- Almost 80% of our exports are hams. It's the crown jewel of Spanish charcuterie and it's very popular all the world over. The bulk of our ham exports go to Australia.

Q.- Internationalization is an increasingly important part of the company's strategy. Is that what Embutidos España is focused on?

A.- We have been exporting since 1995, so we've always been focused on internationalization. That being said, in recent years our exports have increased, and now account for 30% of sales. We hope to grow that figure until it accounts for at least 50%.

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