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'ElPozo is focused on expanding into new markets'

Ricardo Migueláñez. Agricultural engineer. @rmiguelanez

ElPozo Alimentación, which operates in over 80 countries, remains focused on conquering new markets, according to Gilberto Sánchez, the company's Export Manager, who told Wiki Spanish Food that the firm is currently working to expand its presence in Eastern Europe. Despite the financial crisis and its effects, ElPozo Alimentación remains committed to innovation and development and to offering healthy products to consumers.

How did ElPozo perform in terms of revenues, profit and exports in 2013 and what's the company's outlook for these items in 2014?

Despite external complications, such as Russia blocking imports of Spanish meat products, 14% of total sales came from outside Spain, which is outstanding considering the consumer spending situation at international level. Our projections require that we make every effort to continue to grow. To achieve that objective, we must continue working to be a competitive, efficient company.

What are the main lines of ElPozo's strategy in foreign markets?

The company's internationalization strategy going forward is to enter new countries, further develop its presence in the most important foreign markets, and reach strategic cooperation agreements.

Which markets are considered a priority and how does the company approach them?

Europe is our most important market and where we focus our greatest sales efforts, adapting to each country's needs and demands. The food sector has significant distinguishing characteristics in terms of tastes and customs to which a company must adapt if it wants to sell its products. We also have a notable presence in Asia, and we're making a big push into Eastern Europe. The ElPozo brand is currently available in more than 80 countries on 4 continents, and the export division focuses on continuous entry into new markets.

What is ElPozo's most popular product outside Spain?

Serrano ham, a prestigious product in Spain's culinary culture, is playing a key role in the company's international growth.

The focus on health and the sale of healthy products defines ElPozo and sets it apart in Spain. Is this also a priority for products sold in other countries?

Absolutely. Health is a global concern, and consumer demand for healthy foods is on the rise. "All Natural" is our most successful product line outside Spain. Its enormous commercial success is attributable to ElPozo Alimentación's staunch commitment to investing in research. Manufacturing meat products such as cooked ham, turkey breast, chorizo, salchichón and salami with no preservatives, coloring or phosphates which are also delicious has required notable R&D and innovation. Consumers view them as healthy products with a lot of flavor; that's why they buy them.

How important is innovation for ElPozo in financial terms?

Our corporate mission is to provide consumers with nutritional, balanced products with outstanding organoleptic qualities which also boost health, pleasure, well-being and comfort. To that end, R&D and innovation accounts for 1% of total revenues.

What is the company doing to expand its reach into other countries?

We implement actions which are specific to each country, and we adapt our product to the market with unique marketing initiatives, communication campaigns and promotions at points of sale.

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